Chapter Eleven



Preface and Comparison with the Bible

The title of this chapter is misleading. Muslims are not saved. Every Muslim would acknowledge this fact because there is no real concept of salvation in Islamic teachings as the following collection of twenty-eight verses demonstrates. Salvation is a purely Christian experience because only Jesus Christ taught that he was “God with us” to save all those who believe in him. The Qur'an does not portray Mohammed as a Savior.

Without a Savior, the Muslims must depend on their own good deeds, which may be rewarded by a dispensation of Allah’s mercy. Christians believe that the Lord Jesus Christ suffered the cross in their place so that they might have the “free gift” of eternal life (Ephesians 2:8-10). They have received this gift by faith and are baptized into communion with the Holy Spirit of God and the global church. Most Muslims feel this belief is dangerous to society. They believe that the threat of Hell is necessary to prompt righteous living and good deeds. If salvation is a gift, then they wonder what could possibly motivate a person to live a good life.

Yet, Christians are famous for their good deeds as seen in the multitude of Christian hospitals, schools, orphanages and other programs around the world. These good deeds are not done to earn entrance into God’s Kingdom but rather as a response to God’s saving grace in the cross and victorious resurrection of Christ. Christians report that the Holy Spirit of God living in them motivates them.

The Qur'an offers only one way that a Muslim may feel assured of his place in the Eternal Gardens. This “way” still depends on one’s works. It teaches that the person who dies fighting for Islam is permitted into the Gardens of sensual delights.

The Qur'an Says ...

No Savior   On the Judgment Day no one will be able to help anyone else (82:19, 35:18, 39:7).

Works Recorded   Each person has guardians who record every one of their good and bad deeds so that on the Day of Judgment the righteous will be in happiness and the wicked will be in fire where there will be no escape (82:10-15). On that day even the smallest good or bad deed will be exposed (99:7-8).

Scales   Every person’s works are weighed on a scale, which will be examined on the Judgment Day. If their good works are heavy, they will have eternal happiness. If they are light his home will be the bottomless fiery Pit (101:4-11).

Devils   Allah sends devils upon the unbelievers to provoke them to angry rebellion (19:83).

Prayers   Those who hold up Allah’s throne and surround it, constantly pray that those Muslims who deserve it would be forgiven (40:7-9).

Mercy for the Muslims   Allah will have mercy on the righteous, those who are charitable, believe in his revelations and those who follow the Prophet (who can neither read nor write) whom people will find mentioned in the Torah (Old Testament Law) and the Gospel (New Testament) (7:156-157, 39:9).

Secret Contributions   Publishing your alms giving is fine, but atonement for some of your sins will be achieved if you give money to the poor in secret (2:271).

Good Works Doubled   Each man’s works will be weighed fairly even to the weight of the smallest particle. Each good deed will be repaid double (4:40).

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