Chapter Twenty-one

Jesus Christ


Preface and Comparison with the Bible

No other subject divides the Qur'an from the Bible as does the question of whether Jesus Christ is only a prophet or God incarnate. The eighty-three verses paraphrased from the Qur'an in this chapter will explain the core of the Islamic position. Christians believe that a true understanding of Jesus is essential for salvation and eternal life.

A summary and comparison with the Biblical gospel of Jesus Christ should begin with the similarities between the two portrayals of Jesus. It is interesting that the Qur'an does confirm Christ’s Apostles’ message that Jesus was the Messiah, a holy child born of the Virgin Mary, did mighty miracles, was followed by noble disciples and brought the Gospel. It even heralds Jesus as the Word and Spirit from Allah. The Qur'an adds an amazing story of how the child Jesus created a live bird from a clay sculpture. This story is not found in the Bible.

On the other hand, the Qur'an denies that any of these signs or titles suggest that Jesus was the incarnation of God. It announces that Jesus served on earth as a slave of Allah just as Mohammed. It goes to great lengths to denounce the Holy Trinity, the crucifixion of Jesus and his title as the Son of God. Muslims believe the term “Son of God” mandates that Allah had sexual relations in order to produce a child. Christians are greatly disturbed when they discover this misunderstanding.

The Islamic denial of the crucifixion is worthy of a special note in this preface. The Qur'an teaches nothing about salvation through belief in the cross and resurrection of Jesus. It states that the Jews did not kill the Messiah; it only looked to them like they did, but Allah gathered him up. What does that mean? Muslim tradition teaches that Judas was miraculously given the appearance of Jesus and was crucified by the Jews who thought he was Christ Jesus himself, while Jesus was secretly taken up to Allah. In this way he escaped the attack of his fellow Jews.

After a study of the following verses from the Qur'an, a central question will remain. If the Qur'an is correct, why did the apostles of Christ go into the world proclaiming that they were witnesses of his death and resurrection heralding salvation for all those who believe? They went forth commanding that the converts be baptized in the name of the one God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The answer is that the Muslims believe the original Gospel to have been altered as it was transmitted throughout history. Thus the Muslims believe that the mission of Jesus failed to start the true church. How did the church of the Arabian Peninsula receive this message?

The church of Mohammed’s day rejected the Qur'an because it degraded the Lord Jesus. From the time of the apostles, the New Testament clearly teaches that Jesus was a real man, yet he was the Word of God, God with us, the image of the invisible God, one with the Father and in him lived all the fullness of God in a true human body. This was important because they knew that Jesus was human, in this way he could pay for the sins of humans, yet he was divine so he was holy enough to be a pure sacrifice. This was not something they invented, it was revealed to them by Old Testament prophets (Psalm 22, Isaiah 53), angels (Matthew 1:20-25), John the Baptist (John 1:29), the Lord Jesus (Luke 24:44-53) and God’s Apostles (Colossians 1:15-20).

Jesus said that, at the end of the age, he would come in glory surrounded by the angels and appear seated on his throne to judge the nations (Matthew 25:31,32). The fiercely monotheistic Jews, who heard him, either had to believe he was divine or someone who needed to be killed for blasphemy.

The Christians throughout the ages were inspired to believe that Jesus was who he claimed to be and spread this good news (Gospel) everywhere at the risk of their own lives. They believed the words of Jesus that his church would go forth to every nation and not even the gates of Hell would be able to stop it.

The Qur'an Says ...

Holy, Revelation, Mercy   When the spirit of Allah appeared as a full-grown man to the Virgin Mary, he announced that she would have a holy son who would be a revelation to mankind and a mercy from Allah (19:17-21).

No Trinity   People of the Bible should not exaggerate but speak only the truth about Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, his word that he gave to Mary and a spirit from him. So believe in Allah and his messengers and stop saying “three.” Allah is only one. He is too transcendent and majestic to have a son. The Messiah is not ashamed to be a slave of Allah (4:171,172).

The Breath and Spirit of Allah   Mary, daughter of Imran, who guarded her chastity, is an example of a good wife. Allah breathed into Mary his spirit (the conception of Jesus) and she testified to the truth (that it was a virgin birth) (66:12).

Preached from the Cradle   On the Judgment Day, Allah will question Jesus who will be among the other apostles. Allah will ask Jesus if he remembered how he was strengthened by the Holy Spirit and was made to preach to men in his cradle (to defend his mother’s chastity) and as a man (5:110).

Infant Proclamation   As an infant Jesus miraculously spoke and proclaimed that he was a “servant” and “prophet” of Allah who had been given the Gospel. The infant Jesus went on to say that Allah had purified him and commanded him to pray, give alms and obey his parents (19:29-33).

Not the Son of God   Jesus is the son of Mary. This is the whole truth which Christians are unwilling to believe. It is degrading to think that Allah would have a son! Allah just commands things to happen and they happen (such as Jesus being born of a virgin) (19:34,35). Those who say that Allah has begotten a son proclaim something disastrous. The sky would crack, the earth split apart and the mountains would fall down if they ascribed to Allah a son. It is beneath his majesty (19:88-92). Those who believe Allah had a son are liars who will be punished (10:68,69). Mohammed was told to say that if Allah had a son, Mohammed would be the first to worship him. It is a falsehood that the Christians will have to answer for on the Judgment Day (43:81-83). Allah has no children or wife in his kingdom (25:2).

Only a Slave   When the son of Mary is declared as an example (of the Almighty in human form) the idol worshipers ridicule and dispute as to whether their gods are better or Jesus. Jesus is nothing but a slave on whom Allah gave favor and made him an example (of a prophet) for the Children of Israel. Jesus came with clear miracles and told the people to do their duty to Allah and to obey him. He commanded them to worship Allah, their Lord and his (43:57-64).

Strengthened with the Holy Spirit   Jesus, son of Mary, was given power to do miracles and strengthened with the Holy Spirit. Yet, when an apostle comes with undesirable teachings, the Jews get prideful and some they call imposters and others they kill (2:87, 253).

No Savior   Everyone (including Jesus) will appear before Allah on the Day of Judgment as only a slave who is alone and without a savior or intercessor (19:93-95).

Supported Torah and Predicted Mohammed   Jesus, son of Mary, told Israel that he had come to confirm the Jewish Holy Scriptures which came before him, and to announce that another apostle would come after him named Ahmad (61:6).

His Disciples   Some Jews followed Jesus as Allah’s helpers and they were blessed to triumph over their enemies (61:14). The disciples of Jesus surrendered themselves to Allah and the Apostle Jesus. They were believers and witnesses. After Allah lifted Jesus up to himself to free Jesus from the unbelievers, the disciples were blessed. The followers of Jesus will be exalted above the unbelievers till the Day of Resurrection when their denominational differences will be settled (3:55).

Worked Miracles   Jesus came with clear signs but he was rejected as bewitched (61:6). By Allah’s permission, Jesus brought a clay bird to life, gave the blind sight, healed lepers and raised the dead to life (3:49).

Crucifixion of Christ   The Jews have broken the covenant, denied Allah’s revelations and killed the prophets wrongfully. They speak a tremendous slander against Mary. They also say that they killed the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary and Allah’s messenger. They did not kill him or crucify him. It only appeared that way to them. They did not kill him but Allah took him up to himself (4:155-158). After Allah caused Jesus to die (or ascend without dying) and lifted him up to heaven to free Jesus from the unbelievers, the disciples were blessed. The followers of Jesus will be exalted above the unbelievers till the Day of Resurrection when their disputes will be judged (3:55).

Made a Live Bird from Clay   On the judgment day, Allah will question Jesus who will be among the other apostles. He will be asked if he remembered how he was given Bible instruction, wisdom and miraculous power. By Allah’s permission, he fashioned a bird from clay and breathed life into it (to make it live) (5:110).

A Table of Food from Heaven   On the Judgment Day, Allah will question Jesus who will be among the other apostles. He will ask if he remembered how, by Allah’s permission, he healed the person born blind, cured the leper and raised the dead. The story will be recounted of how Jesus was allowed to call down a table set with food for his followers (5:110-115).

Denies the Trinity   On the Judgment Day, Allah will question Jesus who will be among the other apostles. Jesus will be asked if he told mankind to worship him and his mother as two gods besides Allah. Jesus will strongly deny it (5:116-118).

Jesus Is Like Adam   Both Jesus and Adam are special creations by the command of Allah (3:59). (This is an interesting verse because the Qur'an rejects the worship of Jesus, yet Satan was banished to hell because he refused to obey Allah’s command to bow before Adam, the man who was sculpted and brought to life from clay. Satan did not believe Allah would ask him to do something so illogical. The story of Satan is found in 7:11-23, 15:28-39, 18:50.)

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