The hour has come to expose the growing worldwide religion of Islam. Our Muslim friends must be delivered from its deception and brought into a saving knowledge of the truth about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many are unaware of what Islam really stands for. Certain well known Muslim leaders are labeled as "extremist" because they want to export Islam by force, and order the execution of those who disagree with them. In fact, these leaders are just conservative Muslims who want nothing more than to follow the teachings of their prophet Muhammad. Many are not even aware of what some of these teachings are.

This simple, easy to understand book reveals Islamic teachings using intensified research. It is filled with quotes from authoritative ancient and contemporary Muslim scholars, accompanied with documented, detailed references from their own Arab textbooks. It also contains shocking information revealing that Muhammad not only owned slaves but worked as a merchant in this ugly business.

Many Muslim converts to Christianity have shared in the research contained in this book, Muslims who have found the truth and are experiencing an abundant, meaningful life in Christ Jesus. We believe that many more Muslims will come to enjoy the one true, living God, and that like Communism, Islam will be exposed and defeated. The crucified and risen Christ has already won the victory!

Table of Contents

* Please inform us if you find any things in the book that are not correct, since we did not check the accuracy of all the text.

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