According to a myth, Baba Rode Shah moved to the village of Bhoma, in the Indian state of Punjab, in 1896. He was said to be a Muslim seer and holy man who underwent austere penance and was blessed with mystical powers. The miracles that he was said to have performed, mostly for people in distress, made him popular.

The Baba was a teetotaller. Once when one of his devotees offered him liquor to show his gratitude for the fulfilled wish, the Baba distributed it among his disciples. And, later this became a tradition. Balbeer Singh, a devotee, said, "all kinds of liquor is offered at the shrine here, be it country-made liquor or expensive foreign-brewed whisky". This "parsad" is given to the devotees in the form of liquor in small plastic bags.

....Today the shrine is known for its miraculous cures. According to the devotees, by offering liquor at the shrine childless couples have been blessed with children and people have achieved prosperity.

Source: Indian Travel Times

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