Gk: christianos ()

In the Qur'an:
Ar: Nasran, pl. Nasrana: Christians.
Nasraniyah: Christianity.

Together with the Jews, Christians are at times given the honorable title "People of the Book", at other times they are on the same level as UNBELIEVERS.

For a detailed discussion see the articles: The Quranic View of Christians - Fellow Believers or Unbelieving Polytheists?, Are Jews and Christians Mushriks according to the Quran?

The discussion in the article, Did God want Christ's followers to be called Christians?, is particularly relevant when one observes that the Qur'an calls Christians (derisively?) "nasrana" (i.e. Nazarenes) instead of "masihi" (derived from masih = the Messiah = the Christ), the term that Arab Christians use for themselves.

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