Were 500, or 50, or even only 10 witnesses and investigators to certify and document a certain event and provide the necessary evidence for it, there would be very little doubt regarding the matter, even if in a cross examination one of the witnesses mixed up a date or name. This would not bring in dispute the integrity of that witness; neither would it influence the verdict negatively.

If at a much later date someone were to dispute these long accepted and established facts and claim them to be false or corrupted and did so without providing the required credentials as a witness for evidence or other acceptable proofs for his claims, this person would be disqualified from doing so. If then his supporters in addition concoct false evidence and lies to strengthen their case, the whole matter would be even more unacceptable.

In the case of the afore-mentioned attacks against the Bible, we conclude that these are based almost in toto on misconceptions, superficiality, lack of knowledge or, in many cases, wilful distortion. The isolated genuine cases of errors are all with perhaps two exceptions (p. 36) acknowledged as copying mistakes - a problem which cannot be ruled out when documents are copied by hand over very extended periods of time.

In none of the alleged cases was the message involved even slightly distorted or perverted. Evidences for the reliability of the Bible are, on the other hand, very weighty indeed. We think particularly of fulfilled prophecy, but also of the verdict of history and archaeology.

Final evidence is the testimony of countless real Christians whose lives have been totally changed after they committed their lives to Jesus Christ and who are still able to testify to the miracle of regeneration in their lives as the consequence of faith in the God of the Bible. These are but subjective additions to the evidence above, but to the one who experiences faith, they are as real as life itself.

The Bible opens itself to those who seek God in an honest way and are willing to do His will. Jesus has actually said this:

Consequently, we beseech, implore and entreat any Muslim reader to form his own opinion of the God of the Bible and the Jesus of the Bible, not by accepting reports by people who ignorantly or spitefully try to fill you with suspicion in an effort to keep you where you are. Put aside all bias for a while and open the pages of the New Testament yourself. Ask the God of the Bible to guide your thoughts and understanding.

Years of exposure to discrediting and misrepresenting instruction will have left its marks on your mind. Added to this, is the problem that the same words used in the Bible have often been given a different meaning in Islam.

With an honest mind and the determination to test opposing faiths objectively with the sole purpose of discovering the Truth of God at any cost; with the help of God who will hear and answer your prayer to find His Way; and with the aid of sincere Christians, who can help you gain an overall concept of the Bible, you will undoubtedly arrive at the ultimate Truth that alone will lead you to fulfillment, aim and purpose in this life - and eternal bliss in the life to come! And remember: no amount of sincerity matters when the object is discarded: Truth. Do not reach your conclusion first and then seek reasons to support it. First, gather all the facts and their supporting evidence. And then form your own conclusion!

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