We are aware that this book makes enormous claims that must have shocked you: the unquestioned integrity of the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed has been challenged. As a Muslim you may be upset or be experiencing a mixture of anger, disgust, surprise, and perhaps curiosity. What will your reaction be? We intend to upset you. A lot depends on your reaction: your decisions, your peace of mind (do I believe the truth - or do I err?), and even more important, your eternal destiny. An emotional answer is foolish ("We can't be wrong!" That man is a liar and deceiver!", etc.).

There is one very simple way to avoiding the feeling that you have been "taken for a ride" or deceived, and that is to check on all the information given. For your own sake, you are urgently requested, encouraged and challenged to do this. Is the information given, true? Look it up in the Quran and Hadis or the "Siratu'r Rasul". Is it distorted? Misquoted? Taken out of context? Falsely interpreted? You must check it for yourself before forming an opinion. The given facts, all from Islamic sources, are well-documented, so that the sober, honest and reasonably unbiased reader can easily determine whether our facts are true or false. Don't trust modern Tafsir(Commentary), which is tailored to evade and sift out problems. And think for yourself. You will have to give an account of your faith before God alone too!

When you have done that (and not before!) ask your learned men, your Sheik about it. But beware of "pat answers"! Emotional cover-up should not be an argument here! Obviously this book will be subjected to slander and criticism. That is fine - but is the reply you receive factual and based on evidence? "Another enemy of the Prophet throws his dirt! An enemy of Allah who tries to discredit His word!" Such statements are nothing more than a smoke screen!

Authors of quotations in this book who are non-Muslims will be called unobjective and biased, perhaps even ill-informed. Ironic remarks about orientalists will be heard again, but these are men of the sciences and are as credible as archaeologists, astronomers, or physicists for that matter. They, of course, do not argue from a religious point of view. Most of them possibly do not even have religious convictions of much consequence and are as critical of Islam as of any other religion. But they undertake systematic and critical studies of the whole complex of Islamic literature. This activity in itself does not make them anti-Islamic, at least not from an objective point of view. They merely evaluate their findings in the light of history. They are largely unable to make spiritual statements. They will have nothing to say about God, revelation or eternity - and they don't say anything! But they do uncover inconsistencies or bring to the surface facts which Muslims are not in favour of being published, for such facts do not serve the cause of Islam.

Had it not been for books like those by Mr. A.S.K. Joommal and Mr. A. Deedat and for their lectures, there would have been little need for these pages. If the Bible had not been totally discredited by these men, Muslims and Christians could have sat together in a scholarly fashion to search objectively for the truth. However, this has been inhibited, for anti-Christian indoctrination has led rather successfully to a halt in all communication. In addition it must be stated, that Christians, often being unaware of the arguments used by Muslims against Christianity (such as the "Gospel of Barnabas", etc.), have not sought to communicate with Muslims either.

We must point out again, that this book does not intend to give a balanced view of the Quran, Mohammed or Islam. It is merely trying to present the other side--the one that is not known to most Muslims.

We are aware that the Arabic Quran is an excellent piece of literature. We are also aware of the fact that since being edited by Khalif Uthman the words of the Quran have hardly been changed (except where this may have happened through the introduction of the vowels and the diacritical marks). We would indeed be untrue to ourselves if we neglected to point out the qualities of Mohammed, as we have done at least in part, here and there.

Any such favourable comment, however, does not mean that the claims of the superiority of the Quran over the Bible and of Mohammed over Jesus Christ are acceptable, for the facts given in this book view them in a very serious and justifiably critical light.

To the Christian Islam offers little more than a way of life, outward forms and rites. It is a religion which promotes hygiene and cleanliness (which, of course, is as positive as it is subjective). Islam provides for a religious society, a state religion (the Islamic republic of the Ayatollah Khomeini typifies this) with all its problems: Who is to interpret the Shariat? How is it to be enforced in a civilized world? Can force of habit or social, religious or criminal laws arouse genuine spirituality? To what extent is one's quality of life improved and enriched by religious legislation? What incentive has a person to commune with God when he has to perform his religious duties under obligation. To this is added the often alien language (Arabic) which is to be used in prayer, and which obviously lacks the expressiveness of the mother tongue, especially if one lacks a complete command of Arabic.

Many of the statements, claims and the work of Jesus Christ are totally opposed by those of Mohammed. All the documented facts show abundant evidence for the trustworthiness and reliability of the Bible. We have found little or none in support of Islamic claims.

Only fanatics close their eyes to the facts without giving them sufficient thought and subjecting them to tests, because they are scared to find themselves in the wrong.

You are perhaps at the most vital crossroad in your life. No doubt you are thinking of the warnings not to commit "shirk" (the sin of apostacy) and namely of the consequences that turning away from traditional Islam will involve, your rejection by the Ummah (or congregation of the faithful Muslims) as a Murtadd (apostate).

Please accept that no Christian--certainly not the writer of this study - intends to harm your soul, your feelings or your family ties. It is in the sad realization that the messagge of this book will hurt, that it has been compiled--with the aim, however, of seeing you rejoicing in the truth Jesus Christ, the sure way of finding forgiveness and a new life altogether--a life enjoying the love of God. Love and truth belong together, however! All obstacles on the path towards truth must be removed. God in the writings of the Prophet Jeremiah expressed it this way: "... to all to whom I send you you shall go, and whatever I command you you shall speak. Be not afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord...behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have set you this day over Kingdoms and over nations:

This thought is underlined in the New Testament:

It is God's will that all men should repent to avoid perishing in hell. Repentance is the turning away from all sin in thought, word and deed. But it is also a turning to Him. When we turn to Him we automatically turn away from sin - otherwise we fool ourselves! We are, however, careful to note a principle that is very often overlooked"

This parable was told by Jesus Himself. You have already got the message.

Salvation cannot be earned or deserved, as Islam proposes when demanding "rigorous religious exercises" (Five Pillars of Islam). It is the gift of God to all who turn to Him - His Way:

Jesus was the One who laid down His life as our sacrifice. He stood in our place of condemnation. He, the righteous God, suffered the punishment for the sins you and I have committed.

Consequently, He is the only way by which we can come to God. Otherwise we have to suffer the consequences of our sins ourselves! In hell! Forever! Grace and mercy are the gift of God! And to accept this gift brings salvation. That is the Gospel-truth. We are not Christians because we are good, but are good because we are Christians. And there is a world of difference between the two.

But as forgiven sinners we become children of God. In love, devotion and gratitude we follow Him! That is the sign of the genuineness of our faith. The works we do, verify our faith. But without this salvation all the works in the world cannot undo our sin. Jesus and the Bible made this very clear. This is not applicable, of course, if we have never sinned.

We have been "plucking up", "breaking down", "destroying" and "overthrowing" What? " Every argument and proud obstacle to the knowledge of God".

But we do not want to leave it at this! We want to "build" and "plant". What? A life that is "pleasing to the Lord", "obeying Christ" in the knowledge of "what the will of the Lord" is, to encourage you to have faith the way it is expected and commanded by God.

"Present", therefore, "your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God"! "Be holy", i.e. live separate from dirt, filth and sin!

But that all begins with repentance - that is the will of God.

This is a commandment of God to all mankind:

We like to persuade you not to rest until you have formed within you an honest, unprejudiced and true picture of the Word, Nature and Will of God - and until you have obeyed the Almighty and Eternal God.

Do contact us for further information. We like to recommend to you the other copy of this twin set:


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