Some Pre-History of Al-Kadhi's Book

Before Misha'al ibn Abdullah Al-Kadhi published his book in printed form, he had it on the web for quite some time. When I saw his original cover image, I wrote him an email about the false impression he gave through the out-of-context quotation of a verse he had chosen to place on its cover. I carefully explained why it was false and misleading.

He never acknowledged even the receipt of my message. However, a few weeks later the cover on the web was changed to the image on the current edition.

At that time, I had not yet had much experience with Muslim apologists and their wide range of propaganda material. The first time I encountered this particular accusation of Paul being a liar based on Romans 3:7 was on the title page of his book. Since then, however, I have seen it used by various others.

Al-Kadhi has a sizeable number of plagiarized mistakes in his book. I am not sure whether that particular twisting of the Biblical text originated with him, Abdurraheem Green, Dr. Jamal Badawi (most likely), or if it originated from yet another source and was then uncritically and gleefully taken over by these people. But it certainly supports the general observation that many Muslim apologists copy their arguments without ever thinking carefully and checking if what they propagate is actually true. Al-Kadhi is not alone in this.

An exposition of the true meaning of Romans 3:7 can be found in our Bible Commentary section.

In this case, Al-Kadhi didn't want to ruin his credibility already with the cover of his book after he realized that my objections were correct. However, he was not equally willing to sacrifice many of his other arguments which he also received rebuttals on long before the publication of his book in printed form, one of which being his interpretation of Hab. 3:3 as a prophecy of Muhammad. It also is to be noted, the argument is still contained in several other of his web publications, for example in the middle of his Mankind's corruption of the Bible being an earlier version of "What Did Jesus Really Say?"

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