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On 'steam, water and ice'

First, who really knows if the water analogy is a real representation of God? I have not seen Him. But for Al-Kadhi, even a simple understanding of the analogy fails his mind when he likens the three phases of water to three balls of clay, or three bricks. These do not mirror the water analogy nor describe what it tries to.

So, the rebuttal will not centre so much on the analogies, but more on the Trinity, since that is what Al-Kadhi is mocking.

Al-Kadhi begins by trying to drink a glass of water in a liquid form, to disprove the Godhead... oh, that he would drink the Holy Spirit, and end his vicious attacks on God!

Al-Kadhi says it is impossible for Jesus to be God if He died, while the Father and the Holy Spirit lived on. He should remember what Jesus said to the disciples when He broke bread and gave it to them, "This is my body, broken for you." It was the flesh which died, not the essence of Jesus. Was this enough?

Al-Kadhi says it is not enough that Christ suffered and died only in flesh. It is to him, no great sacrifice. But Jesus shed His blood, and of the blood God says to man, "The life of a creature is in the blood" (Lev.17:11). If Jesus' life was spilt into the earth, then we are justified by the law of life for life, His for ours.

Wasn't it truly a sacrifice for God to condescend to come to earth, and more, to leave His majesty in heaven, and even to stoop to death when He had committed no sin worthy of death? Surely Al-Kadhi would agree Mother Theresa's dedication to the poor in India is a life of sacrifice. She left a comfortable life in Europe, marriage, and a career to be with lepers and outcasts. How much greater a sacrifice that the King of the universe bear the penalty of our trespasses!

What about the pain Jesus felt when he took the dirt and death of the entire creation's sin? What about the agony He experienced when His Father turned His face away from Him, not being able to look upon sin? Fear God, scoffer, and, "Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and destroy you in His wrath." (Psalm 2)

After shifting to another point, about Jesus praying to the Father, and begging for mercy, doing intercession, etc, Al-Kadhi leaves the water analogy for the personality one, that a man can be a husband, a brother and a son to three different people. Again, i have not seen God, but the Word states clearly that Jesus is God, the great "I AM" Who revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush. Al-Kadhi's argument is is like trying to tell someone what the weather is like in another country with only the knowledge of the patterns in his own abode.

A muslim defeats himself every time with the following logic:

1. God is omnipotent.
2. Man is not God, merely dust.
3. God cannot become man.

Flaw: An omnipotent God cannot be told what He cannot do! If God has a Son, what is that to you? It is even for your own good, but you would have none of His love, Al-Kadhi.

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