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Because he was filled with the Holy Ghost?

It seems as though Al-Kadhi has all the pieces but has not put the puzzle together yet. Here he states that Jesus was not exclusive in being filled with the Holy Spirit. Yet even the Qur'an calls Jesus the Ruhaypaak, the Holy Spirit, and the Kalm, the Word. Jesus was exclusive in that He was not, as even the Qur'an says, born of sinful lust, but by the conception of the Holy Spirit.

This was to ensure He would not inherit the sinful nature of man, which we all possess. It is genetic, like hair color, or skin color. Even David, who wrote the Psalms and was filled with the Holy Spirit, said, "Surely I was sinful in my mother's womb."

But not Jesus. That is why He could die for our sins, because He had none of His own to pay for. Mohammad even testified to this in response to a follower's inquiry whether or not the prophet could carry his sin. He replied, "No one can carry another man's sin, because he has his own load to carry." But even Mohammad said that all babies, except Isa-al-Masih, are touched by Shaytan at birth.

So, if Isa-al-Masih had no sin, then even the Qur'an testifies that He could be the sin-bearer of all mankind. And according to Jesus' own words, he indeed is.

Jesus said, "For this reason I was born, to give My life as a ransom for many."

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