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Because he was the "Image of God"?

The entire chapter reads:

Adam and Eve are clearly created. Jesus is not. For we do not read as with the former creation, that "In the image of God He made them", but rather that He "IS the image of God".

More is said about this image and reflection of God to us in Colossians 1:15-17

He is the creator, not a created being.

His human likeness was "made", but his divine nature is eternal and uncreated. This is the clear teaching of the holy scriptures.

If He is not created in God's image but is rather God's image in man, how ought we to treat such a one? In Psalm 2, it says of Christ's return, "Kiss the Son, lest He destroy you in His anger, which flares up in but a moment."

Today is still the time of grace. But the judgement will come and your destiny will be decided upon what you did with the Son. Do not close your eyes to this message. God is not mocked.

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