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Because he was the 'Messiah/Christ' and the 'Word'?

Al-Kadhi tries to discredit Jesus by showing that Mashiach (meaning "Anointed One") applies to many others, even inanimate objects in the Bible. But he errs in the application of the word. Mashiach is a title as well as an action performed. In the same way that we have on campus many presidents of various clubs and organizations, it is commonly understood by Americans that the President refers to the man deciding the affairs of the nation in the White House. Yet it is this same logic Al-Kadhi confuses to his own ends in this chapter.

Why argue about words, which are of no profit to the hearer? Rather, we recall the fact that the Jews were eagerly expecting a Saviour from above, the Holy One of Israel, who would set them free from all bondage. There were many flags to show Who this would be, such as the time of birth, the place, the name, the parentage, the life and deeds, the death and resurrection. All these were revealed beforehand, as well as the nature of the Messiah, as this was God's good pleasure, so that that none might hold Him to account for lack of warning. Let us put aside the deeds of darkness and come to the light His presence through His lamb Jesus who died for the world.

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