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Was God ignorant and savage?

Al-Kadhi asks:

"If Jesus is God and they are not two separate gods, then did God start out as an ignorant and savage god and then become a learned (wisdom) and prestigious (stature) god?... Does God need to learn obedience to God?"

Actually, this is a valid question, and is answered by scripture. In scripture we learn that Jesus made Himself as nothing so as to identify with humanity. In making Himself as one of us, He subjected Himself to the requirements of His own creation, proving Himself to be just and not hypocritical! No one can bring a charge against God, since He Himself did exactly what He taught.

Al-Kadhi recognizes this fact and says: "If, as we are constantly told, God Jesus and the Holy Ghost are ONE God, and if God surrendered some of His godly attributes and became man, then did He also surrender His knowledge and become ignorant, and His stature and become savage? Did He have to rebuild His knowledge and His stature from scratch? This also brings up another interesting question. If Jesus (pbuh) can change from one state to another and thus increase in (a)wisdom, (b) stature, (c) favor with God, and (d) favor with mankind, then this means that he can in no way be God, since one of the characteristics of God Almighty is that He does not change in any way, shape or form"

Once again we point out that although Jesus was man, He set for us a standard which He learned from the Father. His humilty in not excercising all His power is clearly seen in the garden of Gethsemane. When being arrested, He says to His disciples, "Do you not think that I can call on the Father and have Him send twelve legions of angels?" But He did not to show that we are to avoid the way of strife and choose the denial of the world and its ways. We spread God's message not by swords of steel, but by the sword of the Spirit, the only blood being shed being our own. For even God did not come to kill but to be killed, and to rise again. Only by laying down our lives can we ever find them.

Al-Kadhi shows his ignorance of God's meekness in the following:

"Well, what then is the Islamic perspective on all of this? Islam teaches that God does not need to lower Himself in order to display His love and mercy for humanity, rather, He retains His glory, majesty and sovereignty and then raises humanity"

But if God is not a hypocrite, as all would agree, then what do we make of "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"?

In fact God in Jesus demonstrated this poorness of spirit when Jesus, bowing His head, gave up His Spirit, and committed Himself to the Father.

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