A response to Chapter 4

Jesus' second coming and "grace"

The bulk of the argument of this chapter revolves around challenging Jesus' statements about His second coming. He refers to the passages where Jesus describes the events of the last days (Matt.24:29-34, Mark 13:23-30). In these passages, Jesus says "This generation will not pass away till these things come to pass." Al-Kadhi cynically asks, "how many generations have passed now?" Not to second-guess Jesus, but there may be two possible ways of interpreting His statement. First, generation means "race" in this context. Certainly the Jewish race will not perish before the Second Coming. The second interpretation links to a later question by Al-Kadhi's dealing with:

Matthew 16:27-28 : "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works. Verily I say unto you, THERE BE SOME STANDING HERE, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom."

If we remember that Jesus hinted at John's possibly never dying to Peter, we have a clue. Elijah was a man who did not die, but was carried by chariots into heaven, and Enoch walked with God without physically dying. Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in Me will live though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." By this we can suppose that some would be quickened, among those hearing Jesus' words, like Elijah and Enoch. By looking to the cross, they would be translated mind, body and spirit into glory, which would actually cause them to accelerate through time. I myself have experienced such a quickening, and no I wasn't on drugs - it's a gift, and I was unable to receive it, but He gave me a glimpse of that process. So get ready for some fun, brothers and sisters in Christ!

The rest of Al-Kadhi's argument is that many sects or cults set dates for the Second Coming. But to this, we say, as did Jesus, "Of that day and hour no man knoweth save the Father." All we can do is "Stay awake, for the Son of Man comes like a thief in the night." He told us to pray "That you might escape the great tribulation", and that "You may be counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man". Stay sober, then.

These sects were clearly wrong in doing so. And Al-Kadhi seems to have the strange notion as if he could evaluate authentic Christianity by looking at the abberations of sectarian fringe groups.

In the title and the very first part of the chapter, Al-Kadhi mentions grace, inferring all the while that Christians believe grace nullifies order. But to this Paul says, "What shall we say then, that we should sin that grace might abound? God forbid!" I humbly suggest Al-Kadhi read Romans and Galatians since he seems never to have grasped the Biblical teaching about what it means to live under grace.

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