A response to Chapter 11

What is Islam?

We are quite content to let Mr. Al-Kadhi describe his own religion.

As Christians we certainly disagree at a number of points, many of which can be found on our web site, but the purpose of this rebuttal is only to answer to his distortions of Christianity.

Therefore we will give here only a few comments on some of his side remarks in his chapter 11.

Al-Kadhi complains that in older books we sometimes find Islam called "Muhammadenism" and it's followers "Muhammadins. But he seems to not even have carefully read these books. There are many spellings that have been used, but those Mr. Al-Kadhi made up, I have found nowhere. I have personally seen in some books the terms "Muhammadan" and "Muhammadanism" (see glossary entry) but that is just an older way of naming usually without any malicious intent. At least not in those publications I have personally read. Certainly nothing to be upset about. Other Muslims have a much more balanced knowledge about these terms.

Under the header "Names of God" Al-Kadhi writes "Now the question becomes: where did the name "God" come from? Did Jesus (pbuh) ever say "God"? Did Moses(pbuh) ever say "God"? No! The Jews and Arabs are both Semitic tribes which descended from one father, Abraham(pbuh). Their languages are quite similar. The Old Testament tells us that Moses (pbuh) referred to God as "El" or "Elohiym."" But this is ignorance. Christians in Germany or France or Indonesia do not call Him "God", since this is only the English name, coming from the generic term "god", like Allah comes from the generic Arabic word "ilah". Many Christians call him "Jehovah" or "Yahweh". And "Yahweh" is also the name under which God revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush. Other spiritual beings and even false gods are called "elohim" as well (like the false gods in the Qur'an are called ilah), but the true name of God is Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures.

It might be profitable to pay attention to the difference in meaning and use in regard to "Yahweh" and "Elohim", as explained in an article about The Name of God by Dr. Walter Kaiser, since this does raise some questions for Muslims and the way the Qur'an speaks about God.

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