Chapter Eight

Judgment Day


Preface and Comparison with the Bible

Both the Qur'an and the Bible proclaim a final judgment. Some of the end times catastrophes mentioned in the Qur'an reflect what the Bible stated hundreds of years before Mohammed was born. Yet, there are a number of differences between the Biblical message and that of the Qur'an. Paraphrased in this chapter is a collection of thirty-five verses from the Qur'an on the subject.

The Bible gives specific predictions of what will precede the final judgment. Prophecies concerning the spread of the gospel to every nation (Matthew 24:14), career of the Anti-Christ (Revelation 13) and actual location of the final world conflict (Revelation 16:16) are only a few of the numerous predictions. Specific predictions are completely missing from the Qur'an, but there is a much more striking difference.

The Qur'an does not mention a central Biblical message, which has to do with the triumphal return of Jesus Christ. The Bible reveals that the Lord Jesus will be seated in the center of Godís throne, as both Savior and Judge (Matthew 25, Revelation 7:16-17). The one Qur'an passage, which mentions Jesus on Judgment Day, pictures him on trial being questioned by Allah. Allah asks Jesus whether or not he claimed that he and his mother were two gods besides Allah to which Jesus replies that he would never have said such a thing (5:115-117).

The Qur'an does not proclaim that Jesus is coming as the Savior of those who believed in his Lordship. Actually, there is no salvation in Islam. If anyone goes to the Islamic Eternal Gardens it will be because he died in battle fighting for Islam or he was characterized by four things; that Allah gave him guidance to believe in Islam, his good deeds were weighty, religious rituals were observed and Allah had mercy on him.

The Qur'an Says ...

Jesus Questioned   On the Judgment Day, Allah will question Jesus who will be among the other apostles. Jesus will be asked if he told mankind to worship him and his mother as two gods besides Allah. Jesus will strongly deny it (5:115-117).

Sun   On the Judgment Day the sun will be folded up (81:1).

Sun and Moon Collide   The sun and the moon will come together (75:9).

Stars   The stars will fall down (81:2).

Mountains   The mountains will blow away (81:3).

Infant Girls   The babies who were buried alive (because they were females) will be raised and questioned as to why that happened to them (81:8-9).

Sky   The sky will be torn in two (55:37).

Resurrection   On that day the dead will be cast out of their graves and all their deeds will be exposed (100:9-10).

Earth   The earth will be ground into a powder (89:21).

Books   Each person will be handed a book of their faith and works. If the person receives the book in their right hand then he will have a light punishment. If it is given to them behind their back then they will burn in hell (84:7-12).

Ladders to Heaven   On the Judgment Day, the Spirit and the angels will climb up ladders to heaven in one day (70:4).

Fifty Thousand Years   The Day of Judgment will be one day which will last the span of fifty thousand years (70:4).

Coming Very Soon   The unbelievers think the Day of Judgment will not be soon but Muslims know that it will come quickly (70:6-7).

No Redemption   To redeem himself from the torment of the Day of Judgment, the sinner would gladly sacrifice his children, wife, brother, relative and every person in the world. The flames of hell will pluck out the hair from the sinnerís head because he did not believe and stored up his wealth (70:10-18).

Throne   On the Judgment Day the sky will weaken and be torn apart. The tearing open of the sky will reveal eight angels who will be seen carrying the throne of Allah above their heads (69:15-17).

Scales   On the Day of Resurrection, everyoneís actions will be weighed on scales. Even acts as small as a grain of mustard seed will be weighed out (21:47).

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