Chapter Nine



Preface and Comparison with the Bible

Eternal life is not called “heaven” in the Qur'an. The Muslim concept of a heavenly reward is much different than it is described in the Bible. Thirty-seven paraphrased verses from the Qur'an are included in this chapter to better explain the Muslim view of the Gardens of Paradise.

The Qur'an describes these gardens as places of sensual pleasures. Some of these pleasures were those denied to Muslims while on earth. On earth, Muslim men were limited in the number of wives they could have at one time. The Qur'an promises an unlimited supply of virgins waiting for them on plush cushions in protected tents. Another earthly restriction was against the drinking of alcohol. In the Eternal Gardens there are endless supplies of wine, which can be drunk without harmful consequences. The residents of the Gardens are continually grateful.

The image of heaven, revealed in the Bible, does not include sexual relations. The Lord Jesus made it clear that those in heaven will not be married, but will be like the angels of God (Matthew 22:30). The prevailing image of heaven in the Bible is that of worship of God and fellowship between people from every ethnic group (Revelation 7:9).

The Qur'an Says ...

Desires Met   The afterlife of Muslims will be a place where all their desires are not only met but exceeded (50:35).

Endless Fountain of Wine   The righteous will drink from a endlessly flowing fountain of wine, which is mixed with Kafur water (76:5-6). It will be a white wine that will not intoxicate those in the Garden of Bliss (37:45-47).

Gardens   The delights of the afterlife will take place in two gardens full of all kinds of sensual pleasures (55:46-48). In addition, there are two other gardens, which are also filled with delights in them (55:62).

Virgins   In the Gardens are fruits, shade, fountains and virgins. The virgins are bashful and as beautiful as rubies and corals (55:56,58). There will be additional dark eyed heavenly companions in the second set of Gardens who will be forced to stay in their large peaked tents. Neither men nor genies will have touched them. Their chastity will be safe until the arrival of those who are granted admission to Paradise. They wait reclining on green cushions and beautiful carpets (55:70-76). These companions will all be equally high breasted (youthful) (78:33). In the gardens, the Muslims will be united in sexual relations with companions (“houris”) who have beautiful, large and dark eyes (52:20, 44:54, 2:25). Virgins will surround them who are bashful with large delicate eyes like eggs (37:48-49).

Handsome Boy Servants   They will be served by devoted youths who are as handsome as valuable pearls. They will wait on their every need (52:24).

Food and Drink   In the Garden on high, Muslims will eat and drink to their heart’s content (69:24).

Praise and Fellowship   In the Gardens of Delight rivers will run at the feet of the residents. They will cry out their praise and greet one another by saying, “Peace!” (10:9-10). They give glory night and day without getting tired (41:38).

Gold and Silk   Those in the Gardens of Eternity will be adorned with bracelets of gold and dressed in fine green silk which have raised designs of gold woven into them (18:31, 35:33).

Earthly Wives and Families   Muslims, whose children followed Islam, will be reunited with them in the Gardens of Bliss so that the fathers will not be deprived of what they accomplished on earth (52:21). Muslims will enter the Gardens of Eden, as will all of their fathers, wives and offspring who followed Islam (13:23).

Mansions   It is a commandment to believe in Allah and Mohammed. It is mandatory to fight for Islam with everything the Muslims have, even with their lives, so that Allah will forgive their sins and allow them into the Gardens of Eden where they will have large residences (61:11-12). Those who deserve it will have lofty mansions at the foot of which will flow rivers (39:20).

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