Chapter Eighteen

The Holy Bible


Preface and Comparison with the Bible

Muslims today reject the Bible as corrupted in spite of the Qur'an verses listed below which support the inspiration and reliability of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. The Qur'an complements the Bible numerous times with good reason since the Qur'an claims to continue, confirm and gain its own credibility from the Bible. As seen from this collection of seventy-one verses, it does this by asserting that Mohammed is a prophet equal to Abraham, Moses, David and the rest of the prophets and apostles. It asserts that Allah is the same deity worshiped by the Christians and Jews of Mohammed’s day, which was around 600 years after the earthly ministry of Christ. The Qur'an recognized the validity of the Holy Scriptures, the Jews and Christians studied, as divinely inspired.

The Islamic rejection of the Bible stems from verses that imply that the Jews and Christians corrupted their Holy Book entrusted to them. The next chapter, “Counterfeit Verses,” clearly shows that the Qur'an blames the fraudulent verses on two groups. They are the idol worshipers who wrote their own poetry and false teachers among the Christians and Jews who misrepresented their Bible and sold their fake verses for a profit. Muslims today find that they must attack the credibility of the Bible because the message and stories of the Qur'an contradict the very Holy Scriptures that it claims to confirm. The question is, If the Bible was altered, when did it happen and why would God allow His Word to be changed?

Muslims had a difficult time claiming that the Bible was changed before Mohammed since the verses in the Qur'an uphold the Bible studied by Christians and Jews during that time. They cannot support a belief that the Bible was changed after the time of Mohammed because of modern science. There is overwhelming evidence from ancient manuscripts that the content of the Bible studied today in synagogues and churches around the world has essentially been passed on unchanged though the centuries.

Some Muslims try to get around the problem by picking and choosing which parts of the Bible they will accept as inspired Scriptures. They do this because some verses in the Qur'an only mention the Torah (Law of Moses in the first five Books), while others include both the Zabur (Writings such as the Psalm of David) and the Injil (Gospel). They do not realize that the Qur'an accepts “the Book,” which is literally what the word “Bible” means. Thus, the verses Mohammed recited in the Qur'an support the complete text of “the Bible.” They also do not realize that many verses admit that there are many prophets and apostles not specifically mentioned in the Qur'an. As for the “Gospel,” many Muslims do not realize that the church has always referred to the message of the entire New Testament as “the Gospel” of Jesus Christ. Again, the Qur'an supports the Bible yet contradicts the content of the Bible. This is a problem for the Muslims.

The Qur'an Says ...

Support for Qur'an Found in the Bible   The teachings about Judgment Day are written in earlier Scriptures; the Books of Abraham and Moses (87:17-19). Has the unbeliever never heard what is preached in the Books of Moses and Abraham (53:36-37)? Monotheism is the truth taught in the Qur'an and the Bible. Unbelievers are challenged to show Muslims any proof to the contrary (21:24).

Character of Prophets   When the prophets, descendants of Adam, Noah, Abraham and Israel received revelations they fell down in tears and worshiped (19:58). Each of the Bible prophets was righteous (6:83-85).

Agreement with the Bible   The stories in the Qur'an are not invented tales but validate and confirm the Bible (12:111).

Fully Explains the Bible   The Qur'an is from Allah and that is why it fully explains the Bible which came before it (10:37).

Doubters Directed to Christians and Jews   "If you (Mohammed) doubt the reliability of the Qur'an, you should ask those who are reading the Bible, which was revealed prior to your life (10:94). All the apostles and prophets, who came before Mohammed, were mere men as he is a mere man. If there is a doubt about this, people should ask the people of the Bible (21:7, 16:43).

Moses   Moses was given the Scriptures as a testimony, guide and blessing to all men in order to teach them (28:43, 46:12).

Protected   No one can change the words of Allah (18:27, 6:115).

Jews and the Scriptures   The Jewish people were given the Torah (first five books of the Bible) but were not responsive to it. They are like a donkey weighed down with heavy books. They are despicable because they reject Allah’s revelations. If the Jews are truly the only real friends of Allah they would wish for death, but they do not because they have done what is wrong (62:5-7). The children of Israel were given the Bible, prophethood and favored above all other peoples. It was only after the Scriptures had come to them that they divided into factions (45:16-17). Guidance was given to Moses and the children of Israel inherited the Bible, which is a guide for men of understanding (40:53-54).

Belief in the Bible Commanded   Those that disagree with any of the Scriptures that the apostles have been given will have shackles put on their necks and be dragged through boiling water and thrown into fire on the Judgment Day (40:69-72). Other apostles were sent before Mohammed who could only do miracles by Allah’s permission. Some of their stories are recited in the Qur'an and some are not (40:78). True believers are those who believe in the Qur'an and the Bible (2:4). Muslims must say that they believe in Allah, the Qur'an and in what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Jacob’s descendants, Moses, Jesus and the other prophets (2:136).

All Nations   Every race on the earth has had its own prophet living among them who came with the Bible (35:23-25).

Same God   Tell the people of the Bible that you (Muslims) believe in the Scriptures, which was given them, and your Qur'an. Tell them that your Allah and their God are the same and that you are submitted to Him (29:46).

Psalms of David   Allah gives some prophets more revelations than others. The Psalms were given to David (17:55).

Support for Mohammed   Allah replied to Moses that he would have mercy on the righteous, those who believe in his revelations and those who follow Mohammed, who can neither read nor write, who people will find mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel which they have with them (7:157).

Bible Studied   Those who inherited the Scriptures have studied them well and know not to say something about Allah that is not true. They are dedicated to the Bible and those who live by the Bible and are devoted to prayer will have their reward (7:168-170). The Christians and Jews disagree yet they study the same Bible (2:113).

Mishandling the Bible   There are illiterate men among the Christians and Jews who know nothing about the Bible. They only know lies and guess what the Bible says. They write Scriptures with their hands and sell it for a small amount. They will be punished (2:78,79). Some cast the Scriptures behind their backs and sell them for a small price (3:187). There are other Christians and Jews who do not sell revelations for a small price. They believe in Allah, the Bible and the Qur'an (3:199).

Many Prophets   There are many prophets including Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the tribes, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, Solomon and David who was given the Psalms. There are other prophets not named in the Qur'an (4:163-165).

The Torah Is Trustworthy   The Torah enshrines Allah’s judgments. It is a guidance and light of revelation (5:43,44).

The Gospel Is Trustworthy   Jesus, son of Mary, came confirming the Torah which was already revealed. He was given the Gospel in which there is guidance and light. It agrees with the Torah and is a guide and admonition to those who ward off evil. Christians should judge by what Allah has revealed in the Gospel (5:46,47).

Bible Is Trustworthy   The prophets were chosen and guided. They were given the Bible, wisdom and prophethood. If the people of Mohammed’s day reject the Bible, it will be entrusted to others who truly believe in the Scriptures (6:87-89).

True and False Bible Teachers   Among the people of the Bible there are very trustworthy individuals and some that cannot be trusted at all. A party of them distorts the Scriptures with their tongues. What they claim is from the Bible actually is not (3:75-78). The false teachers will be challenged to bring the Torah and read it to prove what they say is true. After the reading, those that invent falsehoods about Allah are great sinners (3:93,94). No one is more wicked than the person who invents a lie about Allah. He claims that he has received inspiration when he has not. He says that he can write revelations like the Scriptures. The angels will come to punish him when he dies (6:93).

Knowing God Personally   There is one God. The Christians and Jews know him as they know their own sons. But others have lost their souls through idol worship, inventing falsehoods about Allah, sinful behavior and denying the revelations (6:20-22).

Unchanged   The words of Allah are perfected in truth and justice. No one can change them (6:115).

Hope for Christians and Jews   If the people of the Bible would have faith and keep from evil, they would have been pardoned. If they had observed what is revealed in the Torah and the Gospel, they would be rewarded (5:65,66). They will not be guided until they follow what is taught in the Torah and the Gospel. The Biblical Scriptures are divine revelations, but reading them causes rebellion in those without faith (5:68).

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