Chapter Nineteen

Counterfeit Verses


Preface and Comparison with the Bible

Muslims today attack the credibility of the Bible partly because they misunderstand the twenty-two Qur'an verses collected in this chapter. They think these verses teach that Jews and Christians have taken the divinely inspired Bible and corrupted it by adding stories and teaching of their own invention. Interpreted properly, these verses from the Qur'an actually support the credibility of the Bible. This is an important chapter as it relates to Christian-Muslim relations.

The crux of the matter is the definition of “counterfeit verses.” The investigation begins with a description of an ancient pagan tradition prevalent in Mohammed’s time. In those days, idol worshipers were famous for their many poets who claimed that their verses were inspired by their gods. The verses Mohammed recited condemned their “Scriptures” as merely human inventions.

In the same way, the Qur'an claimed that there were Christians and Jews in Mohammed’s day that also invented verses. The Qur'an accuses them of selling their counterfeit verses as actual portions of the Bible. The Qur'an makes it clear that these inventions or misrepresentations were not added to the Bible as the Qur'an challenges false teachers to read the actual Bible publicly to prove that their counterfeit verses were not Scriptural.

The Qur'an Says ...

Many Poets in Mohammed’s Day   The unbelievers said that Mohammed was simply a poet (52:30). Poets are found walking aimlessly in every valley. They gather followers who believe errors. The poets teach things they do not practice (26:224-226).

Godless Desire Verses   Every single unbeliever, who has no fear of the afterlife, wants his own personal Scripture to be presented to him (74:52-53).

Idol Worshipers Counterfeit Scriptures   The most evil people in the world are those who invent false revelations and deny Allah’s revelations. They worship powerless idols (10:17-18).

Idolaters Challenged   Idol worshipers say that the Qur'an is invented. They are challenged to write one chapter like it with the help of their gods (10:38).

Child Killing   Child killing is an invented teaching of the idol worshipers to mislead their people. If Allah had willed that they not do this it would not have been done. Leave them alone (6:137).

Invented Laws   Idol worshipers invent lies about what crops and animals people are forbidden to eat. They forbid the riding of some animals and others they do not pronounce the name of Allah over which is a sin. They allow the killing of their own children. They invent falsehoods about Allah. They have gone astray and are not guided (6:137-140).

Purchased   Some gladly buy false stories which they use to mislead others and ridicule the Qur'an. These people will receive a humiliating punishment (31:6).

Illiterate Christians and Jews   There are illiterate men among the Christians and Jews who know nothing about the Bible. They only know lies and guess what the Bible says. They write Scriptures with their hands and sell it for a small amount. They will be punished (2:78,79).

False Bible Teachers   There are people of the Bible who distort Scriptures with their tongues. The false teachers will be challenged to bring the Torah and read it to prove what they say is true. After the reading, those that invent falsehoods about Allah are great sinners (3:93,94). When sinful Jews perverted the word given to Moses a plague was sent down on them (2:59).

Unchanged   The words of Allah are perfected in truth and justice. No one can change them (6:115).

Protected   No one can change the words of Allah (18:27).

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