Gk: Biblos (), meaning Book, the scripture of the Christians. The first verse of the first book of the New Testament reads:

The book (biblos) of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. (Matthew 1:1)
The Bible is divided into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The OT consists of 39 books while the NT 27 books, giving a total of 66 books. The Old Testament of the Jews and the Christians are the same, but the Jews do not accept the New Testament as scripture. The Bible is arranged in categories and mostly chronologically, starting with the Creation in Genesis to the Judgment Day and when all things are restored in Revelations.

The Bible has a generic theme : the salvation of man, that runs through the whole Bible. It forms a beautiful cycle:

Genesis - The commencement of Heaven and earth (1:1)
Revelation - The consummation of Heaven and earth (21:1)

Genesis - The entrance of sin and the curse (3:1-19)
Revelation - The end of sin and the curse (21:27; 22:3)

Genesis - The dawn of Satan and his activities (3:1-7)
Revelation - The doom of Satan and his activities (20:10)

Genesis - The tree of life is relinquished (3:9; 3:24)
Revelation - The tree of life is regained (22:2)

Genesis - Death makes it extrance (2:17; 5:5)
Revelation - Death makes its exit (21:4)

Genesis - Sorrow begins (3:16)
Revelation - Sorrow is banished (21:4)
( Labib Mikhail, "Islam, Muhammad & the Koran", Chapter 7)

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