Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

Muslim First Email: (Sender says he is ex-Christian, and he is probably British).

Received: 9 April 2005

Subject: (Name of sender removed) an ex Christian

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.


Do you want to know the miracle of our final messenger Muhammad?

You see every prophet comes with a miracle or something our beloved prophet Muhammad prophesized that the pharaoh will be discovered in the sea and shown around the whole world and did that not happen in the seventies when i heard about this it brought a tear to my eye yet Muhammad’s greatest miracle was the  glorious Quran.

We Muslims believe that Jesus healed the sick and the blind with the permission of Allah.

Whoever Allah guides no one can misguide

Whoever Allah misguides no one can guide

I will get back to the rest of your misconceptions on Islam later brother.

Answering Islam (Khaled) Response #1:

What you mean Muhammad prophesized that Pharaoh will be discovered in the sea? What prophecy?

Before you go ahead and say that Muhammad said that Pharaoh drowned, let me tell you that the Bible thousands of years before did say that. Read Exodus 14:26-29

Muslim Response #1:

Received: 10 April 2005

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.

Go to click on the videos tile and then watch the video on why priests enter Islam and you will inshaallah get the answer to this miraculous prophecy.

However Muhammad’s biggest miracle is the Quran which is the miracle of the miracles alhumdullillah.

The bible that the Christians believe to be the word of god is partly true (60%) the bible that the Christians follow today is not the Injil that we Muslims believe that Jesus received from Allah as it has many errors.

Peace out.

Answering Islam (Khaled) Response #2:

  1. How you know that 60% of the Bible is corrupted? May be it is 100% may be it is 10%? Where you got such opinion? Prove what you are saying or do not say what you have no evidence for.
  2. Think for yourself and do not let other decisions influence yours. Make an educated decision and do not follow the crowd brother.

Muslim Response #2:

Received: 13 April 2005

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.

It is wrong for a Jew not to accept Jesus but it is also wrong for a Christian not to accept Muhammad.

You know the Old Testament and the New Testament but know you should follow the final testament which is the holy Quran.

I am just saying roughly and am speaking from an Islamic, scientific and logical point of view it could be 50 % etc.

Those things that go with the Quran that are in the bible I have no problem in agreeing in them, for example in the bible it says you should not drink alcohol I agree with that there are also many other similarities between Islam and Christianity.

When it says that Jesus was crucified I disagree with that and the scientific errors in the bible.

In fact I can prove to you from the bible that Jesus did not die on the cross and there is not one verse in the bible where Jesus himself says that he is god or says that you should worship him.

If the Quran even had one mistake in it. It would not be the word of god. you want the evidence go and read the bible closely yourself.

I do not follow the crowd.

As I hear I judge and my judgment is inshaallah just.

For I seek not my will

But the will of Allah.

Peace out.

Answering Islam (Khaled) Response #3:

The Quran testifies that the Torah, Zabur, and Injeel are all the word of God like the Quran. But then the Quran accuses these scriptures of being corrupted and changed by human beings while the Quran has been preserved by Allah.

There is something wrong with this logic. Since all these four books (according to Islam) are the words of God why is one of them (the Quran) preserved while the other three are corrupted? Our conclusion would have to be that only some of Allah’s messages could be preserved. Or better: some of Allah’s messages can be corrupted.

If Allah could not maintain and preserve all of his messages from corruption then he must be a weak god, or perhaps he does not care about people messing with his message, so he is unjust.

If Allah allowed his preceding three messages to be corrupted, how could I be sure that his final message (the Quran) is not corrupted too? Is it because the Quran says so? How can I accept the testimony of an accused one (I’m accusing the Quran to be corrupted like the rest of Allah’s revelations) to be true?

Why is Allah now able to protect the Quran and preserve it, while he was not able to protect the preceding revelations?

What happened to Allah? Did he gain more power and might over time in order to be able to preserve the Quran? Was he not yet powerful enough to protect his previous revelations?

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