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My challenge to Muslim Dawagandist Ibn Saad

Sam Shamoun

The following was prompted by the challenge of a Muslim polemicist named Ibn Saad to Christians to prove that the Holy Bible explicitly teaches the Trinity by quoting verses that articulate this blessed and glorious doctrine in the manner which Ibn Saad proposes. Lord willing, I will be thoroughly addressing and refuting his challenge in an upcoming rebuttal. What I would like to do here is to return the favor by taking his very own challenges and turning it against him in order to demonstrate the dishonesty and inconsistency of such polemics. This will help show that Muslims employ a standard against Christianity that they would never dare impose upon or allow anyone else to use against their own beliefs. These Muslims are fully aware that their religion could never stand up to the very same kinds of criticisms which they level against God’s true Word, the Holy Bible. Despite this fact these dawagandists continue to believe in specific doctrines which are nowhere explicitly taught in their scripture and which in some cases even contradict the Quran!

The Challenge

This is an open challenge to Ibn Saad and all those other Muslim polemicists who accept tauhid and believe that the Quran explicitly teaches this doctrine. I challenge you to bring at least one unambiguous Quranic verse where the author(s) clearly state(s) something similar to the following:

Allah is a singular Person, not just a singular Being.

The Quran is the uncreated speech of Allah.

The Holy Spirit, the Faithful Spirit, and the Spirit of Allah are created.

Gabriel is an angel.

Gabriel is a creature.

The Holy Spirit and the Faithful Spirit are one and the same entity and that these are names or titles of the angel Gabriel.

More specifically, I challenge Ibn Saad and the rest of the Muslim dawagandists who argue and think like him to provide citations where the Quran contains these exact assertions or quotations,

Allah says that “I am only one Person,” or “I am a single Person.”

Allah claims that, “I do not exist as a multi-personal Being,” and/or “I do not exist as more than one Person.”

Allah proclaims, “The Quran is my uncreated speech,” and/or “the Quran is eternal.”

Allah states in these words, “The Holy Spirit and the Faithful Spirit are names of the angel Gabriel.”

The Holy Spirit and the Faithful Spirit say, “I am the angel Gabriel,” and/or Gabriel stating that, “I am the Holy Spirit and the Faithful Spirit.”

If you are unable to do what I ask, and trust me you can’t, then you have to agree that the Islamic concept of unitarianism commonly referred to as tauhid does not exist in the Quran. You might argue that Muhammad told his disciples this teaching in secret and they spread it to his other followers who spread it to later generations. If this is your argument, know that this contradicts the Quran which claims to be written in perspicuous Arabic in order to make everything clear so that people can understand:

O followers of the Book! indeed Our Apostle has come to you making clear to you much of what you concealed of the Book and passing over much; indeed, there has come to you light and a CLEAR Book from Allah; S. 5:15 Sher Ali

And the day We shall raise up from every nation a witness against them from amongst them, and We shall bring thee as a witness against those. And We have sent down on thee the Book making clear EVERYTHING, and as a guidance and a mercy, and as good tidings to those who surrender. S. 16:89 Arberry

And indeed We know that they (polytheists and pagans) say: "It is only a human being who teaches him (Muhammad)." The tongue of the man they refer to is foreign, while this (the Qur'an) is a clear Arabic tongue. S. 16:103

The Islamic scripture further asserts that it is a book which fully explains all of its verses:

He sets forth for you a parable from your ownselves, - Do you have partners among those whom your right hands possess (i.e. your slaves) to share as equals in the wealth We have bestowed on you? Whom you fear as you fear each other? Thus do We explain the signs IN DETAIL to a people who have sense. S. 30:28 Hilali-Khan

A Book, whereof the verses are explained IN DETAIL; - a Qur'an in Arabic, for people who understand; - S. 41:3 Y. Ali

Notice how the following Muslims translated this particular verse:

A Book whereof the Verses are explained IN DETAIL; A Qur'an in Arabic for people who know. Hilali-Khan

A Book, the verses of which have been expounded IN DETAIL and which will be repeatedly read, couched in clear, eloquent language, for a people who have knowledge, Sher Ali

A scripture whose verses PROVIDE THE COMPLETE DETAILS, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know. Khalifa

So now, you Muslims have to ask yourself, “Did Muhammad really teach tauhid and affirm that Allah is a singular person? Or am I following a man-made lie, a false teaching based on the traditions of men?” I’ll let you decide.

Lord willing, my thorough reply to Ibn Saad's challenges shall be appearing soon.

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